Brigitte DePape is My Hero

(Originally published in the Fergus Elora News Express June 2011)

The Senate in Ottawa came under terrorist threat a few weeks back via a piece of red cardboard covered with chalk writings saying “STOP HARPER.” Yip that’s right folks, cardboard is now considered a security threat. No wait; it wasn’t the cardboard that was the threat, but merely the message on the board. Buckle up cause there are going to be some brand spankin’ new security scrutinizing a happinin’ down in thar Senate and Parliament…you best be leaving your cardboard at home.

Its sort of an old subject now, but when I mention young Brigitte DePape to friends still this week, they look at me like I am smoking something. I am still inspired by this young student from the University of Ottawa who snuck a red sign under her skirt while she was performing her job as a Page. She pulled it out for the press during the Throne Speech by our new Governor General, and our Supreme Court Justices sitting with their backs to her maybe 10 feet away.

Who knew that a piece of cardboard and beautiful young girl named Brigitte DePape would stun most Canadians and some Americans into… silence.


I am waiting for the big shooter lawyer to waltz in, lead her all the way to the very Supreme Court Justices who had their backs to her during her very big moment, only to face her, charging firing without just cause.
Okay maybe not.
We have the Charter of Rights, and free speech does not have a designated area the last time I checked.

Maybe she’ll take up filmmaker Michael Moore on his offer to employ her. She has oodles of possibilities and needs to do something amazing with such a bright future and the momentum fierce from the stunt.
Brigitte was to act impartial according to her job description of Page. But I have been known to step outside of my job description, once or a hundred times or so…. And the few times I did a big overstep it usually got me in hot water (ask my husband about the time I called his boss, the President of Delta Hotels from my backyard in Newfoundland to complain about how they … well you can ask him).

Back to Brigitte, and the Senate. Ok, did anyone notice all the empty seats at the Senate in that photograph? Where are our hard working Senators anyway? We as taxpayers pay for this ridiculous group and they don’t seem to think that showing up for the Throne Speech is worthy?

I am so impressed with this Generation Z ‘er. She has reminded all of us that we DO in fact have a voice, and that there are new innovative methodologies to Guerilla Marketing your view. She is challenging and motivating us to get off our duff and say ENOUGH ALREADY. I kind of wish she had a sign that said “FIRE THE SENATORS’ instead cause they don’t bother to show up most of the time for the deep six figure salary with glorious pension. Further, naysayer Canadians criticizing vocal Canadians for what their definition of democracy might be is not valid and unacceptable at this time of our socially connected society. Its the Generation X’s that are nullifying the Generation Z’s and dividing our country. What was once considered ‘left’ is the new centre Mr. and Mrs. Gen X !

We as Canadians need to acknowledge the courage of this generation. Please do not dismiss them. For those wishing to whip her with a wet noodle, may I remind them that our Conservative Party was found in contempt of Parliament, which is a far greater travesty and insult to this institution than her actions will ever be.

KIPPelora Update: June 4th, 11th and 12th KIPP found itself with oodles of help to stain our new shed a beautiful red and create the base for the pizzaovens in the east end of Bissell Park. It was extraordinary to see how our community came together to pitch in hours upon hours of skill and assistance. Amazing too how this is work, but doesn’t feel like it when your peers are pitching in. We have posted some photos on our website and please sign up there if you wish to be kept in the loop for what is happening. At this point it looks like the weekend of July 9th and 10th will be set aside for building the barrel oven shapes if you would like to come down and assist with this. We will have our skilled oven builders on hand for this phase of the project. Already a number of folks have demonstrated interest in this component. Everyone is welcome to pitch in and meantime KIPP will be actively looking for some stone masons to assist with applying the rocks for outside the oven. For interest in this please contact me at

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